Pioneertown Motel Red Cabin
California,  Pioneertown,  San Bernardino

Pioneertown Motel

The film tycoons who founded Pioneertown loved it for its versatile terrain — scenery of seven western states could be duplicated by immediate surroundings. The true origin story of Pioneertown is hotly contested.

The legend of the place often overshadows its true historical trajectory, and the more people you talk to, the more scrambled it gets. Alice “Honey” Fellers who wrote the book, Pioneertown, Then and Now, was quoted saying “Psychologically speaking, Pioneertown is not a town. It is a legend.” What we know is that Pioneertown began in 1946 when perennial movie bad guy Dick Curtis — a strapping man with a black mustache — whoa’d his horse on a grassy knoll and proclaimed, “This is the place.” Other accounts say an old lady owed him twenty-five dollars and repaid him with a deed to an unseen homesteader plot. Along with Curtis, Roy Rogers, Philip N. Krasne, Gene Autry, Russell Hayden, and the Sons of the Pioneers (for whom the town was named) were some of the original investors and personalities who helped build and invent Pioneertown. More than 50 films and several television shows were filmed there, most notably The Cisco Kid and The Gene Autry Show.

Business Phone:(760) 365-7001
Type of Business:Hotels & Motels
Address:5240 Curtis Road
CountySan Bernardino
Zip Code:92268
Area Code:760
Daylight Savings:Y
Federal Information Processing Standards:6071
Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area:6780
Local Time Zone:PST
Website Url:

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